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I'm Steven

Author | Student | Activist

Tales of the Marked


Remember where your loyalties lie.


They are the price required.

Coming soon...

The third Tales of the Marked book, coming soon™!


About me

I grew up in Perth, Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world. An avid reader since forever, I grew up trying my hand at writing epic fantasy. It did not end well.


Once reaching university, I continued my writing on the side while studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Politics. I am passionate about social justice and volunteer as an advocate for law reform in criminal justice. I stay grounded in faith, fantasy and advocacy.


I published my first novel, Tales of the Marked: Torchbearer in April 2020, during the initial months of a global pandemic. Since then, I've worked on several other manuscripts, and will release the second book of Tales of the Marked in December 2022.


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