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Welcome to Ekra

A world shaped by faith, the four nations of Ekra have thrived for millennia. They are led by the Marked–kings and queens with supernatural abilities, possessing divine right and brandishing ancient blessings.


The creeds of Ekra each follow tenets of Nestham’s teachings, and include the militaristic Eternal Order, the selfless Musadim, peaceful Jinnam monks–and the mythical Wildborn.


Through the endless march of time, nations have lost their history, identity and power. The faiths have declined, consumed by tradition and political games, until the Wildborn have become lost to history, barely legends told around campfires.


Ekra bears many scars and secrets, carrying tales of a long-ago war lost to history. These secrets have been repressed for centuries, but they may soon come to light, despite the wishes of those who fight to keep them hidden.


When a new Marked appears without a nation to inherit,  church and state will collide in a power struggle that will determine the future of the continent.


"Remember where your loyalties lie."


On the verdant plains of Leranion, the Eternal Order obliterates an ancient monastery and the peaceful monks within. Only a condemned magic saves their apprentice, Eli, from certain death. Grieving and raging, he flees his shattered home, seeking answers and vengeance. But he will discover he is a threat to the Order and all it stands for—a living blasphemy with a power to rival the throne.


Rebel leader Jayne is hiding from the Order—and her past. Friend and foe alike are a threat, and a single mistake could prove fatal. Captured in the wilds whilst protecting refugees, she vows never to let brutality break her.


Religion and royalty are on the brink of war, one which could tear the young warriors’ world apart. Eli and Jayne soon realise the truth of what brought them together, but secrets and magic have a way of fracturing destiny.


"Plenty of action, and more than a few surprises, which is the perfect combination."

- Christine, Amazon

"An incredible read... from action to romance, humour to heart-break, this story takes you on an amazing journey"

- Joel, Goodreads


"They are the price required."

Against all odds, Eli and Kyra survived an encounter with Temero and have returned to Imbra to hunt the vanished demon. For Kyra, it is a return to her family and her old identity. For Eli, it is another home he stands to lose.


But Imbra has changed. The King has been poisoned, and their allies thin whilst their enemies multiply. Kyra must face her court, a place of swirling colour and intrigue. Eli’s mission will take him into the city’s underbelly, where he may not walk out alive.


Leranion’s Princess and Ekra’s Guardian.


Two Marked have stepped forth.



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