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10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Writing

It’s something a bit strange, when you start writing. So here’s ten things I wish I’d known before beginning this journey, as something of "Writing Encouragement."

1. Writing isn’t a talent. Sure, it may be easier for some than others, but a writer isn’t someone who writes when they want to. It’s someone who writes when they don’t want to.

2. Sometimes you’ll prefer to live in the world you created than the one you live in. Considering this mess, I don’t blame you.

3. You’ll wish your characters were real, because sometimes they seem more engaging than those who hurt you.

4. You’ll wish there’s always a happy ending. But if you think there isn’t a happy ending, then it’s not the end.

5. Sometimes writing a single sentence is enough. Sometimes it’s a paragraph. A chapter. A book. Then do it again.

6. Sometimes you feel like you don’t want to write. So you’ll skip a day. And then another day. And then you keep skipping because it doesn’t feel the same.

7. Sometimes you’ll wake up and just feel like you don’t belong in your own skin, like its not you there looking out from your eyes, like its not your face in the mirror. You are who you are.

8. You might become addicted to writing. To worldbuilding. To creating imaginary friends. But real friends are important too.

9. It’s important to know when to stand up from the desk and walk away. You need to be satisfied with your work, and you can’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect.

10. “The most important step a man [or woman] can take is the next one.” Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer.

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Have a good week!

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